Oct. 12th, 2010

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Last year as I started looking for a new job – and continued to do my old one – I sometimes completely lost sight of my life. If you take a conventional approach to job-seeking, it seems really easy to turn yourself into a 24/7 worry and angst machine. Seeking is a(nother) full-time job.

I came up with a different approach, integrating the search into my life, using my relationships, treating it as an exploration, etc. That might be harder to allow yourself to do if you’re not getting paid to do something else whilst working towards the Total Ultimate Dream Job. And! Even with that approach, I am really good at taking things too seriously.

Are you?

Well. Stop! Exhale. Do one of these five things right now.

This is good advice for life, not just for job seekers. It’s so easy to turn following a dream into a teeth-gritting busy-fest. Americans, especially, are spectacular experts at turning anything into some kind of busy-fest. I think we’re hoping to conquer mortality by cramming every possible thing into our short lives, opting to fill up on quantity rather than fulfillment.

It’s stupid! It’s counter-productive! Busy-ness wastes beautiful time that you can’t get back. Worry is good at reminding you to do something, but terrible at letting go when you are doing that something as best you can. Luckily, worry responds well to distraction, celebration and fun.

Go have some! And so will I.

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