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It feels artificial to start something just because it’s a new year. But! This date has lots of 1′s in it! Everyone knows you start with 1! Conveniently, I’ve only now gotten clear on a couple of intentions. They’re not resolutions. They’re not really goals at all, but they’re intents worth writing down.

These are they:

  1. (because you start with it!) Live with a sense of balance between a sense of purpose, relationships with people, learning, and playing.
  2. Be serious in my dance & physical training (not that I haven’t done this before, but I stopped, and now there’s a lot of ground to regain).
  3. Become fearlessly compassionate with myself.
  4. Stay (or get!) grounded, connected literally to the ground & in a gentle relationship with the natural/physical world.
  5. Start this other website Rise Up Work to change the conversation about what work is and help people find more fulfillment in it. And eventually turn it into a source of independence and economic richness.

Each of those intents carries a ton of other things within it. That second one I feel compelled to write about each day – keeping a practice journal made a big difference when I did this before.

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