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I went to the contact lens tailor. The word fitter doesn't seem adequate for what she does )

If your cornea is misshapen, light coming into your eye isn't perceived by your brain as "straight" [This is a vast oversimplification of physics and biology; play along with me.]. Over time, your brain just starts filtering out what it doesn't understand. Then it stops telling your eye to focus, since really there's just no point.

So. When you put in magic (very uncomfortable so far, but I'd find size 6 pants uncomfortable, too) fake-cornea lenses, it's really hard to see. It takes work. And after 20 minutes or so, your brain might just white-out the signals it's getting from the weird eye. Hrm. That's interesting.

The contact tailor asked what insurance I had, then said "Oh, do you work at Wilderness Office Park?" - apparently a) our insurance covers the whole process, yay and b) she knows this because several other Wilderness Office Park peeps have my same fairly rare condition. She said at least 20 this year, which is about 4 times the rate of occurence in the population at large.
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I am perplexed by people who say tattoos don't hurt that much. Unless you live with pain every day, making your scale different, I think tattoos hurt. A lot.

I now have three in different spots, and each has hurt in varying ways to varying degrees. And. Absolutely never something I would describe as a "tingle" or a "pinprick". More like a "touching a searing hot stove at unusual angles" or "a needle puncturing your skin over an over at an extremely fast rate". Each time the process starts, I make a mental note to myself (apparently in very light pencil) that this is stupid and I never plan to do it again.

The only nice things about tattoo pain are its extreme localization and the way it gets you a little contemplative after the first half hour or so. But that's the first half hour of really very noticeable pain, and it's not like it goes away when you meditate. It just gets endurable. A few hours later when the euphoria wears off, my whole body starts to complain that I've stuck it with needles a lot, and could we maybe take a nap...

You? If you have tattoos (or if you just feel like speculating or throwing off the curve), tell me: did yours hurt? How about after?
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I just read an article that mentioned in passing that people only see their backs in mirrors. And I'm thinking - well, I can't see the back of my head, but I'm pretty sure that I can see any other part of my back from some angle or other. I don't believe I'm exceptionally bendy on this point.
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I am, sometimes, more like a character in a chick-lit novel that I'd care to admit. Because, as [ profile] cutegaychick said yesterday, my crises?* Are really amusing.

I told you all about the video camera, right? That my dad gave me one for xmas? Well, in addition to recording video of my family and friends for some future date of schmoopiness, I caught some footage of me walking from behind (footage courtesy of mom). And I really didn't like the view of my ass from behind. NOT BECAUSE I AM A GIANT FATTY. I mean, yes, I am a giant fatty [I am SO going to go rename the "fat" tag "giant fatty" when this post is done.]. And, okay, maybe right after coming home from being mommed, I might have been thinking just possibly that being a giant fatty was a Very Bad Thing. HOWEVER, the problem was not the size of my ass but the aesthetic displeasure I experienced watching it move.

So I wondered if my problem could be the non-turned-out walk I trained for a couple of years ago. I used to walk, and stand, and probably sleep, with a distinct turnout (at the hips, like everyone learns in ballet class). It's not good for speed, and it's theoretically not good for my hips (although I think the new walk may have unintentionally contributed to calf and foot issues). But it is, I think, more pleasing to look at. I know because I? Did SEVERAL video takes this morning of different walks, arm and head positions. From multiple angles! I'd show you the videos, but on this point, dearest, loveliest LJ, you do not get a vote.

I wasn't just looking for something I found more attractive (though that was without a doubt the main catalyst), but also checking out this thing with my head. Around the same time as the walk retraining thing, I discovered that I'd been sticking my chin & head out and up for ages, and have since been correcting by constantly tilting my head down. Over time, though, I'd learned to keep my head in a perfectly fine neutral position, and when I installed more mirrors in my bedroom [for DANCING, kids. Don't get all excited.], I could see that I actually look down when I mean to have my head neutral. I've overcorrected. I've also been doing something weird and awkward with my arms. And all this fantastic body knowledge thanks to what could've been one of those old-school "OMG I am so FAT, I need a DIET" episodes.

My crises?* Are AWESOME.

* This is not, in fact, an example of a crisis in the sense of a Great Big Problem; it's just a thing I thought a lot about.


Oct. 3rd, 2007 07:33 am
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I meant to talk about this after I came back from Hawai'i...

My little beach cottage that last night had a stocked bathroom, which included a scale (among other things). I don't know at what point I transitioned from desperately needing to get the scale out of my house to one for whom getting to weigh myself is a treat, but that? Is apparently what I've done. I weighed myself at least 5, and possibly as many as 10, times in under 24 hours. In that time, my weight fluctuated by 10 lbs according to the scale.

Dude! That is quite a range. I suspect some of it was scale inconsistency, but at least some was also natural variation in my weight (that day between 208 and 218, if you care). If it was, in fact, all me, my weight varies by as much as 5% on a daily basis.

I'm tempted to buy an inexpensive scale and chart variances till I find a trend - like, maybe I gain or lose 10 lbs as I sleep. But. I'm paranoid that having a scale in my house would revert me back to a critical, "OMG I'm so FAT [bad]" thought process about weight. Am I a 4th level fattivist, or whatever you need to be in order to find weight a curiosity without any particular value attached to it? And could I retain that curiosity?

Huh. Interesting. Do I sound like I'm terrified of scales? Because I? Am terrified of scales.
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Which I absolutely do not want. Must be on plane in two days!

I have taken not one, but two, massive overdoses of vitamin C, rescheduled all today's work activities, acquired tissues, juice & soup and am now in bed waiting for some nyquil-like-substance to take hold.

[Er, also it's possible that some of penchant for angst the past few days is actually me misinterpreting my unconscious mind (aka my body) telling me to go to bed. Stupid vague nervous system!]
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Everyone who sees the tattoo seems to want to know What It Means. Does everyone who gets a tattoo mean something by it?

Mine does, of course, have a bunch of personal and intellectual symbolism wrapped up in it. So when people ask me, I try to tell them. Ideally this would involve a short description of the Eleusinian Mysteries, a quick summary of Noh and Zeami, some speculation about the "apples" of Semitic and Mediterranean myth, and finish off with my thoughts on the politicization of the fat belly. I could write an essay. But people ask and then immediately glaze over.

Does that normally happen? I mean. Why ask, if you don't want to know that much? Is it a polite question that requires no real answer? Should I have a 2-sentence answer prepared? In the past week or so I've taken to saying "oh, it's about change and growth".

Also, everything in the world is connected. My hairstylist (in Richmond) and my tattooist (in Maryland) went to high school together.


Jul. 10th, 2007 09:43 pm
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Pomegranate flowers are gorgeous!

About halfway through the belly pomegranate, I started to visualize tattoo number two: simple swirls of leaves, bitty fruits and flowers horizontally below & sorta bearing up the fruit already there (and thank $DEITY not on my ribcage) eventually swooping around to something on my back (that'd be tattoo number three, yet to be defined).

At the time, I had no idea what pomegranate flowers actually look like (hey, I was still one up on my tattoo artist, who had never seen the inside of a pomegranate). Now that I know - the white/red shaded ones particularly with the purple and green already in number one? Yummy.
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I forgot to get a photo of my dad's dog tattoo, which is awesome. But this is mine.


Feb. 12th, 2007 01:55 pm
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My throat hurts. I was totally fine, and then went from hey, my throat feels funny to aieeee, the pain in like four hours yesterday.

I must be getting old or soft or something, too, because I am totally happy that my sick didn't catch me until after the Mom'sbirfday trip to simple life porn to buy quilts and eat German food this weekend. And possibly more put out about missing work than missing my hipster Sunday night plans. I hope everyone else had a blast, though.

The yupster playground by my parents, where we took the dogs yesterday, has a miniature rock climing wall and this awesome gymthing that looks like a tensegrity structure. Mom thinks other grownups don't play enough, but it seems like most everyone I know plays all the time.

Maybe I'm just cool like that. But probably not.


Jul. 1st, 2005 02:14 pm
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I don't care if I can't use a toy hula hoop to save my life (and possibly am therefore no good at hooping in general) and most hooping people are on the other side of an imaginary dirty hippie line from me, I want this Hawai'ian print badass hula hoop [bottom of the page].

But I'm trying not to buy anything I don't absolutely need for now. There's really no definition of need that includes hula hoops.
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I thought I was done after ginormous dog allergies and my very first migraine (there should be greeting cards for that), but no. I fell in the street last night, twisting (or maybe actually straining) an ankle and gaining a giant knotty scrapey bump in my knee. Which, by the way, kinda looks like it still has bits of street in it. Um, ew.

Why am I embarrassed by injury, though? Do other people have this? Like, I went to lunch with a group of people knowing fully that it hurts to go up or even down stairs, and yet I did not insist we take the elevator. And generally, when I hurt myself, my first thought (after ow) is about who I think will be mad at me.

This seems pretty freaky to me.
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A followup, based on the predominance of people saying they remove hair solely based on "personal aesthetics" in my hair poll.

[Poll #412789]

Explain the logic of your answer in comments, if you'd be so kind.
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On the plane last night (coming back from a long weekend with the boy's family), the pilot kept adjusting altitude to avoid all the bumpiness. I think I've always been sensitive to air pressure shifts, and the constantly changing pressure in my ears made me really dizzy and congested. Later in the night I woke up with fever-like symptoms, all hot and shivery. And this morning, I still have this pressure in my ears, and a very odd sore throat that seems to be related to fluid draining out of my ears.

So, am I sick? Or is it just an extreme reaction to extreme air pressure shifts? I don't know. It seems to be slowly draining out of me, so that's good.
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I've had this bitter nasty mean asswipe of a cold for the past few days. I'm just now getting my zip back. In tiny little installments, like royalties for songs played once a day in small island nations.

Yeah, so now that this cold has shat upon the plans I had for this week, it's time for a nap.

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