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I know we didn't get along well in the beginning, what with your rampant fat hatred and sexism and all, but hey, I believe people countries can change.

I mean. You're right. Peeing in the shower does save water. And apparently it's just cute as a button, too.

As long as you're never truly safe for work. Don't ever change that part, Brazil.
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Hey there, Brazil. What's up?

Really? Arty semi-erotic video campaigns about beauty and size acceptance? You don't say! [Readers, it may not pass your personal test of what counts for pornography, but it's definitely NOT work safe.]

Brazil, you know the reason we haven't spoken is that I've come to associate you with some of the most ridiculously over the top anti-fat advertising shenanigans. Perhaps I was too hasty.
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Omigod, you guys! I have the answer! Fat people just SIT DOWN TOO MUCH!

If only I could find a way to work Brazil into this.
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Arby's has a new fruity yogurt thing, and since it's somehow Brazil-inspired, they needed a silhouetted thin person. Clearly this one has escaped from its outer fat person. Maybe someone cut it out with a knife?

It's not nearly as ridiculously anti-fat as the other stuff, but it does seem emblematic of, you know, Brazil.

ah, brazil

Jul. 12th, 2007 05:50 pm
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Brazil, Brazil, Brazil. Your advertisers are funny like Northern Virginia, no? I am particularly fond of the guy who looks like he's pregnant with an angry, sweaty thin man.

You may, by the way, remember Brazil as the country whose advertisers brought you such craziness as using gorgeous fat women to sell low-fat yogurt. I have a new slogan for them: Brazil... giving Prince William County, VA a run for its money.
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So. While I was away being sad, it seems like the internets just went batshitcrazy over Teh Fats. I keep thinking I'll make some coherent fattivist statement, but I can't wrap my brain around all of this at once.

Yet. I think the good news is that I'm back and operational again.

Make kids exercise! Athletes are smarter! Oh, yeah. That's exactly how I remember it.

People advocating that parents be prosecuted for having fat kids. It's child neglect.
I can imagine situations in which a kid's habits are indicative of somewhat bad parenting. But neglect? Er. This is creepy.

Of course, fat girls should be DELIGHTED to have sex, however nonconsensual. How silly to call it rape! This article about an English barrister's defense of a group of young teenage boys accused of rape is infuriating - I know it's one person's opinion, but it disturbs me that this kind of logic is allowed anywhere, let alone a courtroom.

Sandy Szwarc's "for girls only" encouragement. For reals? I'm pretty sure boys need this stuff these days, too.

And I was frustrated and annoyed at the whole stupid Mika "Big Girls" video, until the very end. It bothers me that one prancing pop singer might be considered the savior of fat women. Like, how desperate are we for one little crumb of men saying we're okay? But the part at the end with all the different-shaped people getting all joyful and dancing? Oh, yay.

On a similar note, the yogurt ads with the fat women in movie iconic pictures (apologies for the anti-thin-actress context of the link, I can't find the origina) with the phrase "men’s preference will never change" - the women in the ads are gorgeous (as were the originals). I have the rose woman as my desktop at home now.

The Onion's "too fat for suicide" article bears enough resemblance to "real" research that some of the kids at [ profile] fatshionista were offended. This is a sad day, Mudville.

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