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I get these emails from this dude who can conveniently abbreviate his name as be-do. Each one has a being and a doing "word of the day/week/whatever".

Today is "complete".

See, DOing things to completion is great and all, and is a practice that should be honored and respected. (All too often things are left incomplete. Like this sentence. ed: you can see why I like him)

Ah, but what is it like to BE Complete? To deeply and honestly believe that you are whole and all that needs to be? How is it to know that no matter what you DO, to what level that you DO it, you ARE complete? In fact, your completeness relies not on your accomplishments, but how you hold yourself.

I share this because, as I practice co-active coaching with people, the idea that one is not broken, and is in fact completely whole and creative, is sometimes astounding.

Sidenote poll! How do you feel about letter capitalization for emphasis? (poll on LJ, Facebook peeps can click over to it or just comment)
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Internets! I have to tell you something.

I am going to start writing a book. It is going to help everyone who reads it see that they are not only not broken but also containers for brilliance and possibility.

That is all. Please go about your evening.


Dec. 15th, 2008 09:39 pm
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Regarding my previous posts - I'm now at 45 to go. One rejection, two yesses, and two yet to respond make that three yesses, all seriously awesome people, and one yet to respond.

It's. Well, it turns out to be fun, this bizarre little project. Just the asking! We're not even to the spending time with awesome people part yet!
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Kids! As mentioned, I have a commitment to myself to attempt 50 dates over the next 2-3 months. It's a way to change my perspective on dating from something terrifying to something fun.

But. I don't KNOW 50 single people.

I need your help to find 50 people I'm intrigued enough by that the dating prospect makes me nervous. I will accept all advice, matchmaking, blind dates, suggestions on approach, and introductions to your yentaish gramma.
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I've made a commitment to attempt to ask 50 people out on first dates. It's part of learning to have fun with the whole dating idea. Anyone tried speed dating locally? Is it worth the expense for the experience?
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My self-imposed coaching assignment for this week is to try out a daily spiritual/connectedness/whatever you want to call it practice that works for me. It's shaping into a small, simple collection of physical acts (being on the porch and the air is a big one, as is the pure physical practice of morning warmup), a moving but seated meditation that's sortof offering to the world, and a reading I do each day at the office to connect work to something deeper.

It made me curious, if you'll share: what are your personal practices? What do they mean to you?

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