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While I was away, one of the outdoor cats I feed - I'd been calling her Richmond - died. Roommate found her and buried her under the pear tree, which I suspect was quite traumatizing (and thanks, if you're reading).

Poor kitty. She was sweet, and we have no idea what happened to her; there were no signs of injury. I don't even have a photo to show you her prettiness.
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A tailless black neighborhood cat has been hiding under my house for most of the winter. Hey. It's cold. I get it.

Since I am a crazy cat lady, my reaction to this is of course not to block off the crawlspace, but to start feeding this cat on the porch. Now, when s/he doesn't get fed, s/he stands at the back door and meows and paws at the door. Someone else must have been feeding and taking care of kitteh (who, crazy cat lady that I am, I started calling Richmond - cause, you know, neighborhood).

So. Yeah. Now I think I have 3 cats. Sere's not super-keen on Richmond, but Richmond seems fond of Sere.
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Apparently my house has become THE place for the neighborhood cats to hang out. Word has spread.

There were two in my yard when I got home tonight. Neither of them was No-Tail.
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I haven't seen Sere since I left for DC yesterday afternoon. Disappearing for an evening wouldn't be out of character, but 24 hours is virtually unheard of.

So I guess the training mat things I ordered for the doors are a moot point. I assume she ducked out the front door while we were heading out, and she's not in the yard anywhere. That is REALLY WEIRD. She is not particularly adventurous.

She's very good at hiding, so the chance of a neighbor seeing her or even animal control picking her up without a cat trap is pretty low. She's not wearing a collar or anything, either.

ETA: Cat found. I kept hearing mewing noises if I went into the living room, so I went under the house. She had squirrelled her way under the crawlspace door, then burrowed under the foundation & floor. And? The vicious little monster ran back to her hiding place after she saw that the place I was carrying her to was outdoors. She seems okay now that she's back in the house, but we're both dirty and gross.

Hey, at least she's back and I'm not afraid of my crawlspace anymore.
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One of the kittehs has discovered The Porches [Yes, my ridiculously awesome and huge house has a multitude of porches. This is a strong selling point for living in an "up and coming" part of town.]. For years, neither of the cats has expressed even a glimmer of interest in the great outdoors.

Suddenly. Sere cannot wait to get outside. I'm okay with her going outside on the upstairs porch (which has no access to the downstairs), but they're so very indoor kitteh that the don't even possess collars or tags.

So, how do I convince this cat to stay indoors? Or at least, that the outdoors other than the second floor is a terrible, terrifying place.


Sep. 15th, 2008 10:43 am
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I went by the SPCA yesterday to indulge my fantasy of becoming a true cat lady. My kittehs get along surprisingly well, especially since we moved into the enormous house that they clearly love. I grew up in a house that never had fewer than 2, and often 4 or 5, cats. I met a sibling pair who made awesome lap cats & would probably consent to be dressed up in outfits; I came very close to bringing them home.

But. Do we need another cat?
[Poll #1259940]
Does your answer change if I say we'll probably also have a dog in a few months?
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We haven't watched teevee in awhile, and I've been treated to the fun of watching Sere (the cat) watch the screen all evening. It's been fun all week seeing them reacclimate to stairs and big spaces and doors that go outside. Lots of running and staring. They seem happy.

Now there's a cat asleep on each arm of my sofa. It's quiet and raining outside. I have food in my kitchen and books on my bookshelves, and a dremel story I get to tell people. Despite the half-installed washerdryerthing in my hall, I feel at home for the first time.

The cats don't know four dogs are spending the night tomorrow.

If you are local and I don't have your email address, I'm having a little thing next Saturday (the thirteenth) just to have a first party in my house, which I own. If I do have your email address, you already know about the shindig and have my address.
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This is Banana. One night several months ago I didn't have a clean water bottle, so I put a plastic cup of water on my windowsill to drink out of. She totally stole it.

Then, when it was empty, she meowed piteously at it. When I took it away to wash, she meowed piteously at the empty space. Now there is always a full glass of water on the windowsill.

Yeah, like you could resist. She's not only adorable drinking out of her cup like that, but she purrs LOUDLY whenever I fill the damned thing.
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I am cleaning the house. I have done closets & the bathroom grout. That's intense cleaning. Ironically, the rest of the house looks just as sloppy as ever.

In cleaning the house, I rediscovered Microchip Squeeky Mouse. Sere has been a maniac all morning. I? Have been up since 7am on a SUNDAY.

Oh. We're sharing a stage with Carolena and Meg in less than two weeks (in DC, by the way, if any DC peeps want to come see us). Thank $DANCE_DEITY we have a solid set worked up already. Still. Gulp. We don't even do bellydance shows in general very often, let alone with the pressure of our teachers watching us.

I need character shoes (for a beginner's flamenco class) again for the first time in what, 15 years? Maybe 10. I may have worn them in college.
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I'm just reposting stuff that Paul posts from now on. Cause, if I missed Fat Hate Bingo, what kind of fattivist am I?

No kind at all, I tell ya.

There are equivalent Anti-Feminist Bingo (and a subset just for comics), variants about racism and white liberals... "gay bingo", on the other hand, is a search string that nets a variety of drag-based activity. Point being, if you haven't heard of $ARGUMENT Bingo, it's a way of getting someone who's spouting the same tired arguments to leave you alone until they've at least read some of the common refutations of said tired arguments.

I've never actually used one, cause I like tired arguments, but my favorite is Fat Hate Bingo's "500 lbs!" - a number so often cited as meaning someone must be unhealthy, and being unhealthy means everyone else has a moral duty to shame you.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 10:39 am
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This started as a comment on [ profile] fatshionista, but I want to expand upon it.

PETA's talking trash at Michael Moore, and of course they're calling him a Fatty McFatterson. It's just PETA. That's what they do. And I mean, really? Michael Moore, of all people, ought to be able to take a little of what he dishes out (not the fat, just the fundamental disregard for the perspectives of others - I generally agree with him but still sometimes want to smack him).

The current state of PETA depresses the hell out of me, because some of their points are valid, we should be ashamed of the meat & dairy industry (whatever we might feel about using animals for food), we often don't treat pets with care and respect - our relationship to animals in general is out of whack. They used to have such a powerful message. PETA & ALF were the groups that really drew attention to the sheer cruelty of animal experiments (only 20 years ago, sheesh). When it was still considered (in my lifetime) totally swell to flat-out fuck with animals in order to get things like a model of chemical depression, PETA - using what would become their usual just-this-side-of-legal and overexaggerated tactics - managed to get most people angry about that.

I think, after being so successful at making fur (well, to an extent) & animal testing widely accepted as wrong, that they're grasping at straws for something else to make an issue of. They tried freaking people out about pets - they'll call you if you post an ad in the paper offering kittens or puppies, and there was a period where they picked up strays and killed them [FOR REAL; PETA is based in my hometown] - and lo, that didn't work. Though I will say, it's the same ideas as PETA holds about domesticating animals that have me currently squished on like 1/4 of my bed because one of the cats curled up in the middle while I was up - and hey, who am I to push her around just cause she's smaller & doesn't have a job?

Taking on the meat and dairy industries legislatively hasn't worked either, so they're trying to find a way to make vegetarianism popular - and they figure capitalizing on the Obesity Crisis is as good a way as any. PETA would prefer to offend people, because that garners attention - fat vegetarians aren't going to start eating meat, and maybe some people will be shamed into vegetarianism. I suspect it'll mostly turn out like my mom's meatless diet, though; once she didn't lose weight, she went right on back to the meat. Vegetarianism! The new Adkins Diet!

But more importantly, I'm sad for the people of PETA that they're turning into, or possibly have always been, asshats. If you "save" animals or reform the meat/dairy industry with such disdain for your fellow humans, what does that do to your psyche? Is it a requirement of radical, world-shifting activism that you lose touch with the world-as-it-is?

poor kitty

Feb. 11th, 2006 08:17 pm
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Thursday morning I woke up with my older (she's 9, and has living inside forever, so she's 'older' and not remotely 'elderly') curled up tight against my ass, which isn't normal for her. When we got up, she was limping and acting all hissy & hide-in-a-closet injured. But there wasn't anything visible wrong with her leg.

So, I got her tucked into the bed with food & water, and set up a vet appointment for that afternoon.

Went to vet, saw nothing wrong, vet says watch her over the weekend, and she got a chance to bite and scratch some new people. She was quite cuddly but stuck to the bed all night, much of the same yesterday. Today, when I got her up to try to get her to use the bathroom [Cat food on my bed? maybe. Cat litter? Like hell.], she seemed to be able to stand okay, but she's been really really pissed off all day and won't get off the bed even though she can. And she hasn't, as far as I know, peed or shat in 3 days, unless she's sneaking off to the litter box when I'm not here.

Not using the bathroom in 3 days seems like a pretty big deal, doesn't it? So I'm guessing we'll go back to the vet for more scratching and biting on Tuesday when I get paid & can afford to have her sedated and x-rayed, but the thing is... I think she's not all that hurt. I just don't know what else to do with her.

Anyone else had such cat issues? One of my work peeps suggested she may be severely constipated or something, as that causes limping and would be consistent with the whole non-peeing thing.

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