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A tailless black neighborhood cat has been hiding under my house for most of the winter. Hey. It's cold. I get it.

Since I am a crazy cat lady, my reaction to this is of course not to block off the crawlspace, but to start feeding this cat on the porch. Now, when s/he doesn't get fed, s/he stands at the back door and meows and paws at the door. Someone else must have been feeding and taking care of kitteh (who, crazy cat lady that I am, I started calling Richmond - cause, you know, neighborhood).

So. Yeah. Now I think I have 3 cats. Sere's not super-keen on Richmond, but Richmond seems fond of Sere.
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I went out and cleared some walkways (until I realized that clearing the snow just exposed the ice... not so handy). And took pictures!

Next time I go out I'm putting on extra pants so I can make snow angels. And maybe some form of snow sculpture.
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Photos forthcoming. The sunrise this morning was too beautiful to photograph. With 60-70K people without power in the area, I'm thrilled Fairmount (where the streetlights were flickering much of the night) still has heat and internet and all that jazz.
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My across-the-street neighbor, Mr. DV, is planning a run for the district's expected vacant council seat. The neighborhood is demonstrating its diversity of opinion and intelligence in reaction to the news.

I would be in favor of that plan. Good reminder to switch the my voter registration from district 6 to 7.
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This whole "holiday season" thing snuck up on me this year. I'd like to get into the solsticey spirit at the house. For me that's all about having a tree-thing.
[Poll #1307509]

Apparently there's also some implicit requirement on my block that people put up exterior lights and stuff. My parents gave me a stash of light-up candy canes, which I think is all I'm going to do on that front. No way in hell am I doing anything on the roof. I don't even own a ladder that tall.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:25 pm
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Best political feeling ever: in my 90 year old house in my 150 year old neighborhood watching my city, this state and this country elect Obama.

80% of eligible people in Richmond voted, people. EIGHTY.

I don't care who you voted for (but I'll lay odds if you're on my friends list and in the city): that thrills me with hope.

The rest of y'all, non locals, whatever your political persuasion: you're pretty awesome too. I've loved reading your words through this.

Now. Californians? What happened with Prop 8? Please tell me no.

[ETA: John McCain, you, too, are awesome and beautiful. Thank you.]
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Ah, the men of Fairmount.

Saturday morning while I was stretching on the back porch, one stopped to pee on my fence. He looked around Sex Workers' Dispute Alley but not at the houses or yards that face it (there are like 4 - this is no dark and private alley), and was so surprised when I chortled that he turned around without zipping up. To his credit, he excused himself politely.

Sunday evening a slightly gap-toothed man in at least his 40s (I'd guess 50-something) on R street waved me over as I drove home. He wanted to tell me how sexy I am and ask if I'd call him if he gave me his number. He was also more-or-less polite, so I avoided pointing out that I do not drive down the street for his consumption and questions.

I'm annoyed by the presumption that some guy has a right to just proposition me like that, the idea that I should interrupt whatever I'm doing to consider it. Is this a class thing? A culture thing? The menfolk of my acquaintance pretty much never do this thing.

Ironically, I'm really not annoyed by the alley peeing at all.
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This morning my smoke detectors LOST THEIR COLLECTIVE SHIT. 15 solid minutes of FIVE SMOKE ALARMS GOING OFF FOR NO REASON. On the upside, I now have a working conceptual model of ionic radiation smoke detectors and can even correct my dad who thinks most smoke detectors still have optical sensors.

So I needed 9-volt batteries. Which meant going to the brand new Ukrop's here in the east end! Brand new! With a rare-for-Ukrop's self checkout. And perplexingly giving out free bread. [Non-Richmond flisters, Ukrop's is the local family-owned grocery store that is now a ginormous business that has made them very wealthy without selling alcohol or tobacco. People have very strong opinions about this store, and mine are positive.] It's in an equally new suburban shopping center that I didn't know about. While I love living in the city, I also like things like Target. And I've been griping since I bought Willie that these things would all be so far away. They're not! They're like 5 minutes from the house!

Well, 10 minutes if there's an INSANELY AWESOME SHRINER & MASON PARADE on the way. Which there totally was. LITTLE ORANGE SHRINER CARS.

East end Richmond, I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
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Apparently my house has become THE place for the neighborhood cats to hang out. Word has spread.

There were two in my yard when I got home tonight. Neither of them was No-Tail.
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At the furniture store this afternoon, Tim the sofa guy's cheery response to Willie's address was "Oh, you're a colonist!"

Me: perplexed look
Me: Oh, you mean that I'm gentrifying North Church Hill? [While I didn't say this, I like to think that Richmond's neighborhoods are in a different cycle (NCH 50-100 years ago was a predominantly white merchant class suburb), and I like the idea of living in a mixed-race, middle class part of the city proper. They are rare, these parts.]
Tim: But it sounds so bad when you say "gentrifying"! You're an adventurer! An early adopter!
Me: Right, cause "colonist" brings to mind such wholesome images of smallpox-infested blankets and wholesale slaughter!
Tim: Everyone has their own perspective!

Tim, by the way, got more exclamation points than I did when they were handing out punctuation.

I do dig the neighborhood in NCH. It's definitely urban, but peppered with people who really care [Possibly to the point of fabulous insanity - their house is kitty-corner to mine, btw. Yay, neighbors.] in a way that evokes the military burbs of my childhood if they'd been populated by the sort of historians who own broadswords. In a word: awesome.

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