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After I only half-answered this question the other day, I remembered a half-formed conjecture I have about people's reading habits. I'd like to 2/3 form that conjecture.

Of course, if I state the hypothesis before you answer, it meddles with your answer.

So. What are you reading?

I'll wait here while you think. Telling you I have some theory and then staring at you while you answer my question totally isn't observer interference.
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For obvious reasons, D & T have not been particularly bloggy this weekend. But! I have a typical [ profile] cutegaychick story to tell. Wanna hear it?

Alright! Friday evening, I went to the hospital to visit baby Havoc (he has a real name now). T's brother S got there a bit later than I did, and we left around the same time - that universal "the patient is 5 minutes from utter incoherence" time, when everyone leaves the hospital. Ordinary enough, right?

We walk down the hall, and we pass a set of elevators on the left. We'd come up (separately) in a set of elevators in roughly that location, so, while we're sure those aren't the same elevators we used to get to our current location, we push the button and wait. I am a bit hesitant to get on the elevator that arrives, but S is all "oh, no, scary death freight elevators are totally fine", so we get in. [I think it's useful to note here that I have a pretty good sense of direction and generally fine instincts about things that are going to turn out to be stupid, and I have a Very Bad Feeling about this elevator.]

We go down to the floor with the star next to it - cause hi, that's always the floor you go to, right? Star = exit! It's an established design metaphor. Except, no. Star floor is the floor where the emergency staff load friendly homeless women and stretchers containing soiled linen into a second scary freight elevator with a guy in it eating a meatbull sub. OBVIOUSLY. And we, foolishly, just GET OUT. Into, like, a closet. S is getting progressively more anxious-looking as we stand there. An hour (that might be slightly exaggerated) or so later, the guy with the sub comes back.

He is the same guy who helped me find the maternity ward earlier. He is the best guy ever! So I get in the elevator (S remains dubious) and meatball sub dude asks if it was a boy or a girl and says congratulations and we're all please please please point us to the exit. Which he does. By walking with us through some sketchy doors and down some sketchy hallway until TADA. The main lobby.

Of course, having learned the valuable lesson that one must never ever do anything but precisely retrace one's steps upon leaving MCV, S and I walk out a door we did not come in, and end up in some random parking lot that appears to have pleated the fabric of space/time. It's creepy, we're wandering around lost in the snow... but this time the door turns out to somehow be less than a block away from the cars we parked 2-3 blocks from the entrance, which was just around the corner from the weird space/time door.

MCV. It's an effing labyrinth.
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I think [ profile] brooklinegirl and [ profile] pearl_o have turned me to skater bands. SRSLY. They & several other hilarious and earnest writers are making all kinds of adorable happen with their words.

Except, it was better before I read anything about the actual dudes and listened to their actual bands. Cause, right: that's why I haven't read slash about real people - the more realistic it is, the more invasive it seems. My favorite ridiculously cute pairing is less fun if there's enough 'canon' behind it to make it a plausibly true story. If it's not just totally someone's wacky imaginings, it feels pretty creepy.

I get the fanfic impulse, though. Those are some very precious dudes. I can totally support wanting them to make out.
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They could be super-fun.

This is my favorite thing about vampires: when they are written as actually old, and perplexed by the present, nostalgic for the past, and just generally anachronistic.

They'd be even funnerer if they were crabby about it. Not just in lack of respect for social convention, though - since that's kinda their whole schtick.
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I enjoy vampire/werewolf ridiculousness muchly. Mostly I like how we keep trying to use the popularity of a few books and movies to Explain Our Culture, as if it will respond to such fat-fingered analogies.

But Cleo's thing about romance and tenderness and eyeporn, like the best of the vamps/weres wank, has actual interesting stuff in it.

Is romance about this particular treacly version of tenderness? And am I the only person who finds the whole Edward movie character utterly slimy? If that's tenderness, it's like the tenderness of a jellyfish, about to wrap itself around your leg and sting the heck out of you.

Anyhow. New Twilight movie out, apparently.
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This is the most fun I've ever had filling out a list on the internets. I now kinda want to do it with every band I like.

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. [Though this is not a part of the original task, I challenge you to have both the title and the meaning of your song answer the question. I'm kinda 50/50 here, but it was in my mind.]

Matt Pond PA answers your questions )
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Or at least, I was a nerd as a kid. See, mom! All that time refusing to go out and play paid off... now I can astound people on the internets with the sheer volume of my reading.

The BBC book meme. X's are ones I've read. )
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Hummus and tabbouleh raps! [No, I did not forget the W in rap.]

yay, snow!

Mar. 2nd, 2009 02:08 pm
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I decided to go out and play barefoot. It didn't last very long - but how often do you get to frolic barefoot in the snow?

Shoes are in one of the sunken foot pits at bottom left.
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Macy Rick roll! In case you missed it.
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I was just reminded by [ profile] elusis of the sweetness that is Improv Everywhere.

Good times!
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I just read an article that mentioned in passing that people only see their backs in mirrors. And I'm thinking - well, I can't see the back of my head, but I'm pretty sure that I can see any other part of my back from some angle or other. I don't believe I'm exceptionally bendy on this point.
[Poll #1231997]
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I'm not a huge reader of RP slash, but I can't wait to see someone take up Nathan Fillion and Captain Hammer's crazy gloves.

And you just know someone will. How could you not?!
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I got on a kick of dancing to 80s music over a month ago, and now it's like I can't hear anything else.

This morning I was crossing the street coming back from the beach (I'm on vacation in Nags Head with my parents and their 4 dogs), and a dude on a motorcycle drove by playing "Heartbreaker" at full blast. It was a little like walking into Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

[ETA: Either he or someone else on a scooter just drove past playing "Hit Me with Your Best Shot". Fer. Reals.]
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As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

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My FTP server is being wicked slow tonight, so I figured I'll make this upload go even slower by doing even more shit with my internets. From [ profile] chubbyninja.

How many songs total: 3407
How many hours or days of music: 9 days
Most recently played: Aicha - Khaled
Most played: Whatever It Is - Ben Lee
Most recently added: Aide Razbole Se - Pirin Bulgaria

Sort by song title:
First Song: A - Barenaked Ladies
Last Song: 1981 - Adam Arcuragi

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: The Mustard - Buffy Musical (20 sec)
Longest Song: Flying Blind (Speranza fanfic at ~1 hr)

Sort by album:
First album: ABBA
Last album: 1200 Curfews (Indigo Girls)

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Pink Bullets - The Shins
Search the following and state how many songs come up:

Death - 67
Life - 25
Love - 155
Hate – 7
You - 368
Sex – 7
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That's all. I just like saying Io, Saturnalia.

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