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Kids, I am all about the advice today.

Advice point #1: I require a privacy fence. One that is not ecologically damaging and is relatively sturdy (as I suspect it will get peed on). I've thought about bamboo or composite. I don't really know much about fences, though. Thanks to the purchase of the house, my tax refund could possibly cover fence costs (well, probably not all, but enough that I feel ok shopping for this now).

Advice point #2: What is the best place in Richmond to get a steak? My definition of "best" involves two things: tastiness, and service that's neither obtrusive nor obsequious.

Advice point #3: Since I wasn't ready to seed the lawn last fall (what with the just moving in), a suggestion for a soft grass that would grow effectively if seeded in the spring. Also, ideally one where I could avoid the massive tilling and aeration thing.
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I don't know if we'll do anything for First Friday this week (what with the baby, other people's schedules, plus the general freezingness of February at night), but there's a thing next Tuesday that a couple of TTE peeps are dancing at. I realize I've been terribly remiss in letting y'all know when we're doing something, so...

It's in COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Tuesday 2/10. )

Anyone else read the description & immediately think of a dirty epic war costume/theme set to "Red & Black" from Les Miz?

Just me, huh?
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Folk Festival!

I am particularly excited to hear slack key guitar at home. So, who's coming?
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We haven't watched teevee in awhile, and I've been treated to the fun of watching Sere (the cat) watch the screen all evening. It's been fun all week seeing them reacclimate to stairs and big spaces and doors that go outside. Lots of running and staring. They seem happy.

Now there's a cat asleep on each arm of my sofa. It's quiet and raining outside. I have food in my kitchen and books on my bookshelves, and a dremel story I get to tell people. Despite the half-installed washerdryerthing in my hall, I feel at home for the first time.

The cats don't know four dogs are spending the night tomorrow.

If you are local and I don't have your email address, I'm having a little thing next Saturday (the thirteenth) just to have a first party in my house, which I own. If I do have your email address, you already know about the shindig and have my address.
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Lovely local peeps, I just had a thought: I love Richmond in the summer time. And you know what would be fun? Doing classic Richmond things all summer!

So, tell me: what are the Really Richmond places you frolic, drink, eat, etc. (or the places you used to do those things, back before you got all aged and cynical)?

I just got lunch from Stuffy's. I remember going there when I was in college, and the one out at Gayton Crossing was one of a few places to eat in miles (back before Tuckahoe was really built up, let alone Short Pump).
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In case you didn't catch it on NPR this morning, on CNN, or on any other major national news source, here's the Post article on how racist and mean Prince William County is.

My intrepid reporter friend told me last week that they were considering the Great Stupidity, and now it's official. Thanks, NOVA, for making Virginia appear to be populated with greedy racist asshats. Nice job.
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TTE is doing both a performance at ROSMY's annual art auction and a set at Art Works on Friday 6/22.

It sounds crazier than it is, since Art Works and Plant Zero, where the auction is, share a parking lot. We're really just doing two sets like always, but in slightly different places.

1. ROSMY art auction, Plant Zero (0 E 4th St), 7-9:30. To the Earth set at 8, also bid on art made by [ profile] petite_tadpole.
2. 4th Friday at Art Works (320 Hull St, aka The Exact Same Place), 7-10. To the Earth set around 9 in the All Media (upstairs) Gallery.
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My new furniture delivery peeps won't get rid of the old mattress for me! Eek!

So, um... anyone want a queen mattress. It's probably 7 years old, but it started out as a good mattress, so it's still comfortable.

Alternately, what are you supposed to do with a mattress? I know some communities have recycling places that will take care of them for you, but I can't find one in Richmond (nor for that matter do I have the means to hauling a queen-sized mattress anywhere).

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