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I got to the polling place (in Manchester/City of Richmond) at 6:45, maybe 7 once I figured out where to park. There were about 50 people ahead of me in line. It took those 50 people nearly 2 hours to vote (on the up side, the prior 150 people got through in an hour or less).

The poll workers were asking anyone whose ID did not perfectly align with their records (including me) to sign an affadavit that they were themselves. This is not required by VA law unless you registered by mail in the past year & don't bring proof of address with you as well as proof of ID; I don't think it's illegal to ask, but I haven't had time to look that up.

They also got stuck on a few people due to what appear to have been last minute errors as people adjusted their voter registration in the last 2 months. SEE?! This is why, when I move in SEPTEMBER, I keep my registration at the old address.

Protect the Vote people were hanging around outside asking questions & had apparently called in a couple of "incidents". Already. At 9am. But no one changed their mind and got out of line. Everyone stuck it out as long as they had to be there. Not even the dude I glared at for joking about the poll staff being "retarded": dude, not acceptable.

Others around the city are reporting long lines and disorganization. Counties, where people tend to lean Republican, seem to be line-free and efficient.
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Y'all, I learned something awe-striking this week. Richmond? Does not have to have homeless people.

About 1500 people don't have permanent housing in the area each day. Only about 4000-5000 people are homeless each year. A MILLION people live in Richmond and its counties (though a lot of our homeless neighbors are in the city proper - but still, 5000 out of maybe 200,000). And some of those people are kids, right? So Richmond needs like, what? 4000 decent-paying jobs and apartments that cost less than ridiculous Fan rents? We should do that.

Thursday I volunteered at this homeless connection thing with Homeward, and I've been waiting to write about it till I could even talk about it without being flooded with emotion. The event brought together a bunch of services for folk who don't have permanent homes (this includes a fair number of people who are staying in long term shelters and transitional housing), and volunteers walked each person through whatever services they asked for. Jobs. Healthcare. Photo ID - that was a popular one. Haircuts. I about lost it when my last client, who is my age, needed a place to stay for the night [Done. 2 minutes.]. The folk I worked with were fantastic, gracious people. Yeah, a couple of them were unmotivated, maybe a little whiny (as homeless people tend to be stereotyped) - but you know what? So are some of y'all (and me, sometimes). We make poor decisions. Some people make a lot of them. Some people get caught in bizarrely bad circumstances. That? Is what community is supposed to protect and rescue you from: poor decisions & shitty circumstances.

Anyhow. It was an intense experience, and it spurred me to find out how to take more systemic action. You should do the same.
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In the past month, I've gotten good leads on two jobs. In Austin. And Charlotte. They're really cool jobs.

And I? Cannot take them.

At some point my life came to be in Richmond, and that's just how it is. I'm perplexed to feel this way, since I spent so much time hating this city. I can move somewhere because I feel like Moving Away is something one is supposed to do at some point, but that will not bring me happiness. it won't necessarily bring me unhappiness. This is just. It just is.

For now, anyway.
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When I was kindof freaking what I called "a less that satistisfying life" (gah, sometimes I still sound like I'm 13) last week... I actually didn't know who to call first.

And this weekend, when I made my spreadsheet and realized oh shit, I really do want to move, I had [ profile] cutegaychick to drive me around the city and remind me that I had peeps. Plus, [ profile] arovd made me a hotdog with chips on it!

And today, [ profile] snidegrrl has posted a series of illuminated mix tape covers by me, ca. 1988.

Awwww. Thanks, kids.

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