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Brilliant readers, thank you for the poetry suggestions. I will assemble them before my next library & bookstore trips. Yay!

I have another question for you. Is there a proper expression of detached indifference in IM/email/text/chat emoticons? There's definitely an ambivalent expression - :/ or :\ - but is there one that says "I am not iffy on this subject; I simply do not care" without any air of snark or pissiness?

Just a moment ago, I typed "whatever" meaning "whatever you want, I am untroubled by any possible outcome" but it read "whatever" as in "whatever, loser... talk to the hand". And there was really no appropriate emoticon to back up my text with emotional content.

I am troubled by this. Please assist.
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This was an entertaining journey into my personality, not for the content of the posts but my process in copying and linking to them. I declared to myself that doing each thing in order on the page - starting with a href, then copying the link, then closing the link & copying over the text - would make sense and be efficient. But I quickly diverged from even MY OWN instructions and started doing things in all weird order, each line different from the last. It's as if my brain cannot accept rote tasks and repeatable processes.
Anyhow, on to the first line of each month! )


Feb. 8th, 2006 10:50 am
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If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

I think you know who you are. And honestly, it's really kind of all of y'all. Except for [ profile] missmeridian and [ profile] snidegrrl, whom I've known since before the internet had pictures (and hell, before the internet, period, in the latter case).
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We Have Brains needs a name (or rather, username) for its LJ community.

Thoughts? The obvious, wehavebrains and we_have_brains, are already occupied by two different RSS feeds, and plain old whb is some beach community. [Lesson here, look to see if there's a feed already before starting a new one, people.]

Since you're all obviously going to reference the community extensively in your own LJ's, I throw this out to you: what would you like to type over and over and over again?

[Poll #454996]
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Just cause [ profile] feminist has new mods doesn't mean it won't bring up the same old discussions and same old arguments: case in point; I wasn't even trying to focus on the whole weight loss thing (I know, I know, y'all rightly have a hard time believing that), but to point out that in my view feminism isn't about happy dappy sisterly love no matter what. Although it's interesting that we believe women need that - and wondering why women might need that would be a damn fine feminist discussion. But even I'm tired of trotting out the same "question your choice" arguments to people who don't hear them (not, by the way, that I don't think any of those folk will hear the argument - but many of them haven't yet despite hearing it a million times).

And asking a question isn't negativity, people. Even saying your choice doesn't make sense to me isn't negativity; it's engagement and discussion - if we actually listen and learn from each other.

Which is why I guess WHB really does still serve a purpose, and why it will probably be reincarnated soon as an LJ community. Stay tuned.
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Those of you who know what it is, do you think WHB could still serve a purpose?

The site's been totally inactive since sometime in November, and given the prevalence of other fora for feminist discussion, it seems less useful than it was when I started it 2-3 years ago (back in the day when you could count the feminist bloggers you knew on your fingers and toes). Should I get rid of it? Or is there some other incarnation in which it might serve a meaningful purpose?


[to be cross-posted to WHB, obviously]
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Humor quizzy thinglet from [ profile] snidegrrl. Clearly I would find that "Bloodhound Gang" band wrong on many levels. And really, do I have to pick anyone from Seinfeld as funny? But I forgive the quiz for those evildoings since it also (intentionally or not) points out the sexism of the average movie in a funny way.

Results? Shockingly right-on. )
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So, [ profile] catchstars asked me for a television-related rant. What I have in me today is more a pronouncement, followed by a completely unrelated rant that's kind of tangentially about the Today Show.

The pronouncement: all good television currently on the air in some way or other owes a debt to Parker Lewis Can't Lose. I mean, there are the obvious influences: Scrubs, for instance, is PLCL with doctors instead of high school. But even shows like the West Wing owe PLCL big for proving that writing to a 5th-8th grade comprehension level didn't mean writing down or writing badly, and that wit is in fact viable on television. Wit sells.

The rant: I think young people need to rise up and topple Katie Couric. )
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This is [ profile] cavlec's rant. She told me to talk about clothing.

So let's talk about pants. I hate pants. And winter. )

I could just wear skirts all the time, but sometimes it's cold, and tights and socks just don't cut it. So I put up with crap-fitting pants. What crap-fitting clothing item do you hate most? Share. I like the sharing.
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This is [ profile] firecat's rant. Topic: mainstream bellydancers.

So. There's this thing that most of you who aren't in the bellydance "community" (such as it is) probably have never heard of, called the Bellydance Superstars (note - the website, it is ass). It's masterminded and produced by this one dude, who has taken lots of cool "underground" things (i.e. punk) and made them "mainstream" through marketing.

Rant on, yo. )
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For all y'all gamers who aren't reading [ profile] feminist anymore, [ profile] feminist_gamers. Just thought you might be intrigued by the idea.
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The replying to comments on LJ confounds me sometimes. Some of the people I read seem to respond to every single comment, which seems really sweet and polite. But when I do that, I feel like I'm always trying to have the last word, whether I have a real response or not.

I think that comes from blogging (I had a blog or other less community-oriented journal online for ages before I succumbed to the LJ phenomenon). There are people who read my blog constantly and never ever comment. And some comment just to say "yay". I reply when it sparks something other than "yay back at ya", and that seems to be what most bloggers do. Replying to a blog comment, even on a threaded comment blog, usually means sending both an email and posting on your site.

What do you do? Do you answer every comment? Do you feel snubbed if your comments aren't answered by the LJ user you posted to? Are you miffed at me right now because I didn't answer a comment you posted on my LJ?

food meme

Mar. 24th, 2004 11:23 am
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My mental break courtesy of [ profile] thealicia_w. The third-from-bottom question made me think of another meme someone should start (if someone hasn't): name every city you've visited and the best place to go there, for food or otherwise. Has anyone done that?

very exciting food meme, not to be missed )
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The meme of the week: leave 5 things about you that rock. They can be as naughty or serious as you like.

Thanks to [ profile] kerriana for the meme.
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I start an LJ so I can post comments on communities and other people's LJ's.

Then I come across "feminist" commentary so mindlessly misandrist that I'm blinded by annoyance at the stupidity. I can't form a coherent thought in argument against it. Grr. Argh.

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