Jul. 13th, 2005 11:33 pm
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There is a lot of "folk art" in Amish country that I think of as akin to simple life porn. Like, look at the cute leetle girl in her bonnet with her fuzzy animal! How quaint that she won't go to school beyond 8th grade! It just feels exploitative.

So, I think of all cultural fixation on things Mennonite and Shaker and whatnot as sort of a pornography of simplicity. But there may be more to it - that there's something in this other culture that appeals to our idea of ourselves as living more shallow, technical lives than we want. And maybe we'd like a little more slowness, a little more craft. To be able to spend months with our family sewing a quilt or something.

Cause as a culture we don't really allow for much craft. There's very little interpretation of our own work (not just our jobs, but all work we do) or others' as the work of craftsfolk. Can you even imagine a culture where table bussers and cashiers and computer programmers were all expected to think of their jobs as a meaningful craft - something they could perfect and control? I think that'd be swell.
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Also from that barn in Michiana. [ETA: Really, I'm not kidding, it's a cute effing picture!]

Behind this cut is a picture of a thrice lifesize dimensional wooden cow. How can you not click! )
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While we were in Michiana, we stopped at this sorta touristy sorta Amish place that had this odd fleamarkety thing in an old barn.

And this is what we saw there )

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