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The other day at work there was talk about personal savings in a big department meeting. It's also been a topic of reporting on NPR lately - that Everyone Is Now Saving. Is everyone now saving? Will everyone now be saving because the media said we were?

I'm fascinated by this idea. Is it true? Will it change the world?
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A welcome counter-point to my post earlier this week about my depressingly overfilled closet: the spiritual cost of consumption. And background from Juliet Schor on the subject. We think we need a lot more than we actually need, basically.

We aren't particularly conscious in curbing our consumption chez nous, though we do live somewhat unconventionally, spending less on objects and more on experiences than some folks in our "income bracket". So I like the reminders.

Thanks to The Common Wheel Collective, which you should be reading if you're not, for the links.

[Edited to add a side note that may not be clear to readers - I do not, in case you're wondering, endorse the whole God thing implied in the sermon linked to. But I do think purchases can have deeper implications (personally and politically) beyond their cost and function, and we don't think about those so much.]

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