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It's official. I'm a homeowner.

Gah. I need a nap.

PS - all future house posts are tagged "Willie".


Jul. 29th, 2008 11:18 pm
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Where would one find the rules about setting things on fire (like poi, not like small children!) in your backyard in the city of Richmond?

I mean. If I'm gonna have this ginormous yard.
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I've started packing. Lord willing & the creek don't rise [I'm getting tired of saying "if all goes as planned".], I'll get the keys to Willie in exactly one month, and the movers will come the next day. Today it was suggested that this was a very early time to pack things, and that I might be somehow exceptionally anal.

So, you? When do you pack?
[Poll #1230726]

I figure this: I can handle about 20 minutes of packing in a row. When traveling, that's usually plenty of time, so I can do it the night before or morning of. But. When moving, you need hours of packing. I do, on average, an hour of packing every 3 days, which means - if I want to keep my sanity - I have to start at least 24 days in advance assuming I can pack the whole house in 8 hours of uninterrupted work. If I start 30-45 days ahead, then I can take time off for good behavior!

I contend that the only way this is anal is that I've actually taken the time to calculate how much time I can pack without distracting myself. Same with labeling things - I only label what I pack so that I don't have to do extra work when I unpack.

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