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There is now a light teal adirondack chair in my living room where a sofa used to be. Pier One had a good sale on outdoor furniture, which I will want - but I have nowhere outdoors to put it. I think I've previously mentioned that my cats destroyed old sofa. Yesterday I finally disposed of it - all by myself! I am big and strong compared to a puny IKEA sofa. Also, I now have appliances ordered.

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I've started packing. Lord willing & the creek don't rise [I'm getting tired of saying "if all goes as planned".], I'll get the keys to Willie in exactly one month, and the movers will come the next day. Today it was suggested that this was a very early time to pack things, and that I might be somehow exceptionally anal.

So, you? When do you pack?
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I figure this: I can handle about 20 minutes of packing in a row. When traveling, that's usually plenty of time, so I can do it the night before or morning of. But. When moving, you need hours of packing. I do, on average, an hour of packing every 3 days, which means - if I want to keep my sanity - I have to start at least 24 days in advance assuming I can pack the whole house in 8 hours of uninterrupted work. If I start 30-45 days ahead, then I can take time off for good behavior!

I contend that the only way this is anal is that I've actually taken the time to calculate how much time I can pack without distracting myself. Same with labeling things - I only label what I pack so that I don't have to do extra work when I unpack.
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I need a new bed. I was going to just go to IKEA, but the reason I need a new bed at all... is because my 2-yr-old IKEA bed broke. Not in a joint-coming-apart way, either, but in a vital-piece-of-particle-board-cracking-in-half way. So maybe I don't need another IKEA thing, even if it is only $200. Putting this one together took 2 people roughly 6 hours. Not to mention the 2 hours to put together the dresser that also cracked (when being moved - slightly more forgiveable).

I really like the low, modern platformishness of this bed. Where do I find something a) solid, b) flat & and c) put together by someone else that also has the euromodern or midcenturymodern thing going on? How much money is reasonable to spend on bedroom furniture (presumably I'm not going to replace the bed with another in the same shape and color, so will also want a nightstand and dresser/teeveestand)?
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I am now in my new apartment. I mean, I'm not actually in it, but my stuff is. I'm at [ profile] arovd and [ profile] cutegaychick's house cause their internet works and mine doesn't. Living in the suburbs had one advantage - open wireless networks all over my block.

Today so far: I've traumatized my cats so badly (one of them - there was water and a broom involved) they've completely disappeared into the new apartment, met some delightful movers who put things in weird places, worked from my kitchen counter, discovered that my new place is tiny (well, okay... knew that, but I thought I'd gotten rid of enough stuff) had sushi served by the world's sweetest and most absolutely terrible waiter, vaguely set up my bedroom, broken my dresser, had my washing machine refuse to let my clothes go, had a meltdown requiring hot cocoa, cried, eaten tacos and ice cream.

Now I am sitting here in companionable silence with [ profile] cutegaychick because they live 5 minutes from me and have taken pity on my pathetic state this afternoon/evening.
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Hey, I'm ready early! The movers should be here in the next hour, but I've already dealt with the bed (removed headboard & slats, which I hope is good enough - I really don't want to take the frame apart), the cats (poor things now get extra solitary confinement in the bathroom), and pretty much everything but cleaning and taking out trash (some of which needs a dumpster anyhow).

Argh. I hate waiting.
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I have keys! I've finally stood in my new place. Now I need to be packing the old place, and am... um, not doing that.
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I! Got up early enough to be at work by 8 this morning! I'm generally more of a nineorlater kind of girl, but I'm just so excited about everything this week. Today? I get to go to work! And tell my colleagues all about my fabulous week away! And I need to pick up the keys to New Apartment!

Also! My very dear friend Alan is getting married! Apparently there's something in the local water; good thing I filter mine *grin*. I'm actually really excited for him - marriage is something he's wanted as long as I've known him (wow, 10 years!), and he has no doubts about what it means to him.

Whew. I'm running out of exclamation points over here. Anyone else got some to spare?
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I found 3 different places I could live in. All of them have some awesome things & some sucky things.

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