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I haven't complained about the whole eye shenanigans in awhile, and I have more to share. I am really annoyed by my light sensitivity. I need sunglasses most of the time I'm outside in the daytime, no matter which contact I have on.

The Super Special Contact, Mach 2 (adjusted fit) has been hanging with me for the past month. I can wear it for about 6 hours, 10 if I don't expose it to wind, hair, bright light, dirt, blinking, looking at anything that moves a lot, excessive shadow, television or allergens - things I avoid, like... never. I had no idea how much eyes do automatically to accept crap falling in them! The heavy plastic contact can't do those things, so I get at least one episode of OMG PAIN each day.

I'm thinking about this especially because I'm on vacation at the beach this week, and I keep having to switch back to the less-seeing contact cause sand and wind are excruciating. Bleh. Are my six months of "getting used to it" over yet?

On the other hand: beach! Down at the Outer Banks not really doing much of anything. Did some mental work on the book and What I'm Going to Do When I Grow Up while staring at the ocean. My life is so haaaard.


May. 23rd, 2009 02:15 pm
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My undamaged rear license plate came in the mail today. Insurance and the various tow companies kept trying to catch the car in transit, and it appears to have finally been grabbed at the auction lot.

It's on my altar (aka the mantle in my bedroom, which is becoming so full of important reflections that I may need to store some of them elsewhere soon.

In the meantime, I am negotiating online over car prices, which is very slow but less irritating than negotiating face-to-face.

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