Jan. 20th, 2009 08:45 pm
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Obama spoilers here.

Also, I think "the president is my new boyfriend" may trump "giant fatty" and "wilderness office park" when it comes to me succeeding at clever LJ tag names.
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At Wilderness Office Park, we have a monster television next to the coffee on every floor. I just spent the last hour standing there with nearly everyone else from the 4th floor staring and smiling and trying not to openly weep. The guy next to me periodically doing the fake-out "oh, my head hurts" whole-hand eye wipe did not help.

I love that our president (with assistance from the Chief Justice) goofed the oath of office. Someone said "He's been president for 5 minutes already! He has other things on his mind!" and wouldn't that be nice? To watch your president think like you might watch a dancer's bare feet. I love the wabi sabi, imperfection, demonstration of the work and consciousness that goes into producing leadership (or anything, really - I love the front row). I hope it means we'll care about craft and effort. I hope we'll see a line blur between the civic and the political, because really? It's not that much of a line. I hope there's something to this - grassroots action, politics 2.0, user-created citizenship, whatever it is. I hope the country is self-organizing. I hope this is a sign of a real change in the ways people think.

Mostly? I just hope.

Also, props to the man for the shout-out to non-believers, though I like to think of myself as just ethnically Unitarian. My people thank you, Mr. President.
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OMG you guys. The DC halau? WROTE A MELE FOR OBAMA. *

He Mele Inoa No Obama. I give you You Tube link rather than embedding so you can click on "more info" and read the text and English translation.

* You probably got this from context, but a mele (pronounced MEH-lay) is a chanted hula.


Nov. 4th, 2008 11:25 pm
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Best political feeling ever: in my 90 year old house in my 150 year old neighborhood watching my city, this state and this country elect Obama.

80% of eligible people in Richmond voted, people. EIGHTY.

I don't care who you voted for (but I'll lay odds if you're on my friends list and in the city): that thrills me with hope.

The rest of y'all, non locals, whatever your political persuasion: you're pretty awesome too. I've loved reading your words through this.

Now. Californians? What happened with Prop 8? Please tell me no.

[ETA: John McCain, you, too, are awesome and beautiful. Thank you.]

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