Jan. 19th, 2004

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I wish TWOP would cover some of the idiotic ABC Family Channel movies I watch. It would allow me to believe I was watching these things with irony.

But the truth is, I am a sucker for the stupid movie. Last night's being no exception. Yeah, about once a quarter, they release a made-for-cheesy-cable movie based on your average formulaic romance, and I almost always watch them.

i ramble some more about 'i want to marry ryan banks' )

While I do keep a running snarky commentary in my head as I watch these movies, the truth is that I like the idea of things always working out okay. I like youthful, romantic optimism, even if it is always about the beginnings of relationships which, let's face it, would likely be doomed in the real world - I mean, how much can you love someone you spent a total of maybe 72 hours with?
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Today is, officially, a bank holiday. My office is, officially, closed.

I am, strangely enough, at work. So is my entire team.

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