Apr. 12th, 2004

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On the plane last night (coming back from a long weekend with the boy's family), the pilot kept adjusting altitude to avoid all the bumpiness. I think I've always been sensitive to air pressure shifts, and the constantly changing pressure in my ears made me really dizzy and congested. Later in the night I woke up with fever-like symptoms, all hot and shivery. And this morning, I still have this pressure in my ears, and a very odd sore throat that seems to be related to fluid draining out of my ears.

So, am I sick? Or is it just an extreme reaction to extreme air pressure shifts? I don't know. It seems to be slowly draining out of me, so that's good.
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I'm going to the March (in less than 2 weeks now, woo hoo!). But, partly because I'm a slacker and partly because I Hate Buses, I'm not going with the local coalition. I'm staying with my DC peeps and we're going to be among the hordes of random cute disorganized marchers who don't have matching t-shirts.

I think, also, the night before me and my DC peeps are available to hook up with other exciting peeps for compelling pre-marching funs.

So, who wants to march in our itty posse? Or join us for funs?


Apr. 12th, 2004 06:06 pm
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You know that scene in Clueless where Cher looks at a (then surprisingly hot) Britney Murphy and squeals "PROJECT!"?

That's me, a lot. Finding projects. I'm a fan of planning and carrying out plans. And. Lucky you, I have two projects that I could use some help on.

1. Our very tiny theatre company is writing a play this summer. We think we'd like to take the base text from a variety of people's personal sites & blogs, in a small way incorporating new media into very very old media. I'm looking for people to send me text from their journals/blogs/whatever. Each submission can be a compilation of several dates and subjects, whatever you like; my only stipulation is that each person who wants to participate in this project a) send me at least 1000 words (no upper limit) of text and b) you're willing to let us edit your text however we like. What you get out of it is credit, if you want it, and my love and appreciation.

2. It's really hard to find fitted t-shirts in large sizes with political messages (or, in fact, with much of anything printed on them). I'd like to do something about this, or find someone else who already has. Any ideas about what I could do? I've thought about making iron-on transfers that people could use with the shirt of their choice, or finding someone to make shirts (who? I don't know), or even getting an amateur's at-home silk-screener.

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