Apr. 15th, 2004

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There's a good chance I'll convince my DC peeps and a certain fan of the Butchies AND Washington Social Club ([livejournal.com profile] snidegrrl, this show was clearly designed for you) to come to this show on the 24th.

If you're in DC for the March, you should come, too.

pro-choice freak show )
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Went to my first bellydance/raqs sharqi/whatever class in a several months last night. It was lovely and friendly and fun, of course, though not as much "exercise" as I remember it feeling like.

Fun thing about the class is - it makes you think "woo hoo, I am hot shit". Seriously, you can tell as people dance that the glamour of the dance is sorta rising up over them; they gradually seem to be having more and more fun and come to perceive themselves as the Essence Of Hotness. Aside from sex, not many activities seem to give people that feeling.

On a related(ish) note, I think it was Dave Chappelle who was saying on my teevee a few days ago that we needed some sort of central validation of hotness. Like, measured on this scale of universal attractiveness, I get a 3 and you get a 6 or whatever out of 10. So, if we're dating, I know I'm lucky or something. Yeah, funny. But of course, there's no standard by which a person's attractiveness could be measured. My measure of hotness and yours are probably completely different. Which is, I think, a fact that doesn't get enough play. Sure, we say all bodies can be beautiful, but it's funny how we don't really seem to believe it - despite all supporting evidence.

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