May. 8th, 2004

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For y'all locals who want to stand up against the recent Law of Ass.

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From [ profile] miffyness, among others: bold the ones you've read (or read parts of, in my case), italicize those you want to read.

I've also underlined those I read, finished, and actually enjoyed, and starred the couple I read in French.

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Because the folks at PETA are officially asshats.

Now they've decided that harrassing fat celebrities is the new way to get people to protest industrial farming by going vegan.

I used to know people who worked at PETA. They're not vegan. They're also not fat. I don't know if they're healthy. I don't recall particularly liking them, but that's beside the point.

I know vegans who are really fucking fat. And vegans who aren't fat, but are really unhealthy. And others who are neither. I don't know anyone who has lost weight by starting a vegan diet, including myself.

More importantly, I don't know where PETA got the idea that Michael Moore and others deserve to be ridiculed. Oh right, I guess it's The How Things Are, which says among other things that fat people are funny as shit, and all just gonna up and die anyhow, so why not laugh at us while we go. Hey, sticking yer anti-fat anti-woman nose in my lunch is just yer way of taking care of me! Cause god knows I can't handle making dietary decisions myself! And hey, look at that sexy naked chick who isn't wearing fur! Woo hoo!

This is complete hypocritical bullshit. I'm gonna go do some scientific research on some cute little bunnies while eating a Whopper now cause I just want to do something that someone represents the OPPOSITE of PETA in every way.

Could someone propose to me a rational argument against the PETA asshats? I'd like to write a letter, but I'm thinking "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ASSHATS THINKING?!???!!" doesn't really make my point, and that's about how reasonable I'm feeling now.

[Also, FYI, there are many good animal-friendly organizations out there. There's Sea Shepherd, the ASPCA, and a host of others. All of whom aren't asshats.]

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