Jul. 19th, 2004

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Hey, there's a thing on Tomato Nation about the carbohydrate counterrevolution. To paraphrase: get the fuck over it already. To which I say, hell yeah.

So, I think Sars is a regular-sized (smaller than I, I mean) grrrl talking to other regular-sized (most of you, I mean) grrrls. As a fat activist, I found myself cheering her essential message while enumerating the assumptions I think she had wrong. Did you? Or do I read more into this stuff?

I'm curious. As I'm a cheapskate (or rather, someone who already pays for a webspace elsewhere) I don't have a premium membership and can't actually create a poll about this. But answer me some questions if you will? Please? If you do, I promise to stop sulking about how boring I am, I swear...

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So... a point of interest that I've extracted from comments on the obesity crisis poll-ish thing. We all have really different ideas about what constitutes in/out of shape, and what our target levels of fitness or health or whatever are. Duh.

I'm curious what your definition is. So, tell me what your personal fitness goals are, if you have them. But don't think (if you do usually) in terms of how you look, but of things you do. What can you do now that you think is cool/evidence of your physical skill? What do you wish you could do that you can't yet?

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