Sep. 24th, 2004

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that there's a WHB syndication on LJ?

Cause there is: [ profile] wehavebrains. That's all.
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Last night was the first night of new bellydance class. It's still a beginner class like last spring, but with a different teacher. Her approach to teaching means the movement's much more constant and less varied, which means - ow. My calves, arms and the muscles across my shoulder blades were all very very worked. It kicked my ass in a fun way; not so much in terms of difficulty but endurance.

I'm a little concerned about my other class, with the usual teacher - since the beginner level was full, I've signed up for intermediate. The upside is I'll learn new stuff; the downside - it may be stuff I don't pick up quickly. I'll deal, though.

Speaking of dance classes, I have a dilemma on my birthday next week - I'm triple-booked for the night: dance class (7-9), a milestone party at work (7-11), and whatever day-of-birfday festivities I select (whenever). Should I make it a bizarre and elaborate night?

In honor of my new ability to make polls... a poll. )
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...when a woman would say she just wants to be treated like a womyn on a date and mean flowersandcandyandchivalryandshit. I mean, seriously. Most. Absurd. Thing. Ever. I want to be treated like a woman in any situation, but when I say that I mean I don't want you to infantalize me with your chivalry or put me on a pedestal, which demeans both of us.

Is it just me? Are there actually loads of women who want equality at work but want that flipped around when [presumably hetero] sex is involved?

I may be overreacting, but I see it like so: chivalry is based on the virgin/whore thing; it mythicises women. In the modern world, there is absolutelynothingwrong with courtesy and politeness, but when one gender is the receiver and one is the performer all the time, what does that sound like?

Oh, right. It sounds like our ideas about sex. It sounds not unlike a rape culture, doesn't it? I can't be the only person who sees this connection, can I?

[I've added [ profile] feminist back to my f-list, so look forward to many similarly pissedoff posts.]

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