Oct. 6th, 2004

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So, the veep debate last night? They both, not so shockingly, came across as giant asshats. In my book, Cheney wiped the floor with Edwards' Kennedyesque mop top, as the former came across as at least a polished, professional asshat while the latter was doing a really good impression of a not-too-bright high school kid. Nevertheless, there was a lot of asshattery on that stage.

I hate them both.

Says Edwards' spin doctor: Tonight, in Cleveland, John Edwards showed real strength and conviction
(He did do an excellent job of answering any question asked as if it were actually a question about whatever he most wanted to talk about. They both rocked out on that, actually. Maybe they were wearing earplugs.)

-- he was in command of the facts and in control of the debate and a powerful advocate for John Kerry.
(He mentioned none of his own opinions except that he really, really hates gay people. I really should have counted the number of times he said "John Kerry" when he wasn't supposed to. Although, what's with that rule, anyhow?)

The American people saw John Edwards as somebody who is ready, if neccessary, to be president of the United States.
(My cat is also ready, if necessary, to be president. Doesn't mean I'd want to vote for her. And that goes double for Cheney.)

I'd dissect Cheney's spin doctoring, too, but I don't subscribe to that campaign's email list. I'm not a glutton for punishment.
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Was it just my wishful thinking, or did Cheney seem hesitant to say directly that he lurves Bush and he lurves the idea of the FMA?

If so, that's damned sad. Not only does it make Cheney a wimpus maximus, it makes Bush look psycho. It's possible that Bush has a smart, pro-choice wife and a smart, pro-gay-rights veep, and is still essentially waging war on women and the queer community.

Some might say that following your own "heart" is a sure sign of good leadership, but it's just stupid and psychotic not to listen to smart people around you.

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