Oct. 11th, 2004

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I wrote this loooooong post (on the blog) trying to chronicle my body image history.

I'm not really sure why I decided I should do it, other than it was an interesting exercise in backwards navel-gazing. But the cool thing it revealed was a tendency for me to loop back to the same sorts of thinking about my body. With revisions, of course.

Events of our lives tend to do that. It's just always interesting to see it play out.

Also. I said on my blog a few weeks ago that I don't generally have music in my collection that could be considered sexist or anti-feminist, because I don't usually like music with lyrics that aren't either challenging (but counter to my opinion) or in agreement with me. And then I bought this Dan Bern EP on which he says many stupid trite things about politics and a Mary Prankster CD on which she calls another woman a slut, and not in a "reclaiming" or even simply factual way. So, touche, me. Read lyrics before buying to avoid wearing out the skip button on the CD player.

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