Oct. 22nd, 2004

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I could be too optimistic here, but check out the South Beach Diet email newsletter that occasionally shows up in my Hotmail account:the full text of the sbd email ).

That's right, even the diet gurus will admit (with no additionaly yapping about weightloss) that exercise is more important. Rock.
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The new Planned Parenthood center in Charlottesville is being held up by a zoning attack from anti-choice folk.

If you can manage to take a day off work on November 9, the PP needs help at the zoning hearing: help out or get more info from PP or read the UVA paper and Cville paper, or some local background from this summer.

It sounds like just a zoning screwup until you read the subtext of the locals' complaints - the don't want to have something they think is "icky" or see any protests in their neighborhood. I'm angry that some Cville folk feel this way, and even angrier that it's being manipulated by pro-life groups into another abortion debate - but I also have to admit that if they were fighting out a Wal-Mart, say, instead of a Planned Parenthood, I'd be on their side. What do you think? Given the little info in those links, would you show up on the 9th?
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I've been making these random lj icons for awhile. So here, use them if you want. They're from art I made, photos I took, and old magazine and poster stuff.

icon fun for you AND your gerbil )</lj-cut

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