Oct. 26th, 2004

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From DailyKos and [livejournal.com profile] belladonnalin: Eminem's 'Mosh' video. There's a grassroots move going on to get it on TRL (see info on DK after the video links).

I kid you not. It's a gorgeous piece of animation and the usual rhythmic complexity of Eminem, but it's also a moving damnation of Bush (which is, btw, what the Eminem song has over a lot of other anti-Bush music - it appeals to the emotions, not to the intellect or ethics) and an incitement for the young peeps to vote, and to vote against Bush (which, given the 18-24 yr old men I know, would be a pretty big deal - too many of them get their political ideas from Michael Savage).

Also, I am so tempted to make all my peeps put on their black hoodies when they go to vote. [I'm serious, I really am, but it's hard for me to go two whole paragraphs without smirking. I mean, it's Eminem.]
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Feminism & bellydance (from tribalbellydance.org and Andrea Deagon): except for the association of "feminine" with exclusively "female" (which may be the author's own opinion or just a reflection of the essentialists she talks about), this covers most of my thoughts - and occasional discomfort - as a feminist student of bellydance.

Really, you can't watch a more advanced student wrap a veil around an old white dude's head at a class hafla without engaging your feminist gag response. I think it's particularly weird for those of us on the East Coast, where the dance itself seems to be more soloist-oriented and a bit less about community. [I so envy leftcoasters their access to teachers and troupes that are also radical feminists and fat activists and such.] But it's an issue for anyone who sees or does bellydance. The audience, whatever the dancer may think, sees sensuality = sex, and even the negligibly empowering "it's so feminine and graceful" attitude of most folk I've met boils down to "...and being feminine and graceful and pretty is the job of women" in most people's minds.

Some of you dance - or at least have seen dance performances. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
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And I really do mean everyone.

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