Nov. 19th, 2004

keryx: (pissed)
So, last night we went to Star Hill and saw Mike Doughty (of Soul Coughing). He is super special. It was a good show and the drive from Cville home was not as painful as it sometimes is.

And, whoa, do I have an amazing memory for directions and landmarks! But that's another story.

At this show, despite its generally goodness, there were a bunch of UVA kids who all looked alike. Presumably frat and sorority types? They talked - loudly - through the show. And the women did all these flirty and self-bashing things (the latter in the bathroom) that were just. Ick.

Sometimes I really hate women who aren't feminists. I mean, they may be oppressed by the patriarchy, but they're doing a hell of a lot to contribute further to the whole How Things Are when they do all this women's magazine stereotypical shit. And - ARGH - I just want to shake them or move them to a reeducation facility or take away their right to vote and see how they feel about that. Effing not-even-post-feminist-spritzhead-girlfriends. ARGH.

I hate fratboys [by which I mean not people belonging to a frat, but those who fit the "frat" stereotype], too. I'm just not conflicted at all about that.

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