Dec. 21st, 2004

keryx: (slipper)
I like you, gentle readers. I like that nearly everyone on my friends list actively questions their own thoughts and actions in terms of the culture vs. our ideals.

Today the Wilderness Office Park is much less icy, but still not safe for shoes of any heel or slippyness. So I wore my light sneakery shoes and carried in a pair of heels. I tried to wear casual shoes yesterday (it is casual dress week, after all) and felt awkward and unprofessional all day.

So today I'm wearing heels and jeans, which is about as casual as I'm okay with for work.

How did I come to think that sneakers weren't work shoes (even for jeans days)? How did I come to not feel fully dressed without my feet at an odd angle to the ground (even if it strangely benefits my knees)?

I'm pretty sure it's not strictly a matter of personal choice. I'm not sure this is a habit worth breaking, but I loathe that I can't trace all my seeming "choices" back to root causes of some sort.

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