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I like holiday music (and that's even after working in the mall every winter in college, hearing the same 4-hour tape repeat again and again and again). I like that I can decide to shop for luggage, in person, at 9pm. I like last-minute shoppers, with their sense of humor. I like shiny things and wrapping presents and tacky lights and candlelight. I even like the excess, in that it's excess wrapped in feasting and celebration and love.

You know the one thing I really don't like about the holiday season?

People who get all grumpy about talking "holiday" instead of "Christmas". The end of the Gregorian year is a big time for celebration. Not just yours. Or mine (my family pretty much celebrates Giftmas). So you could tell people "Merry Christmas", but why not wish them happiness for all Decemberween holidays instead? It's like five holidays at once, and everyone can get into it and have group hugs and sing songs about decking halls.

I get why people complain about political correctness. I mean, there you were, doing things with no intention to offend, and someone comes to tell you you're using the wrong words. Maybe they get a little pushy about it, because those not-ill-intended words upset them. But really. Look past arguments with upset people, and you're just using kinder, more inclusive language.

Happy holidays. :)

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