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I'm starting to get into a rhythm of travel for work. It's pretty fun. I mean, I've had flights cancelled 3 weeks in a row now, and that part's not fun. The actual travel is.

Bags are challenging. Since I go back to the same place, I tried a checked bag (a 20 in roller) and a carried one (a duffel/gym bag) with the idea that I could leave the roller between trips. I kept having to move them around anyhow. I think keeping a week of stuff in a duffel-style bag is the most flexible way to go. Easy to get around town with, and a single unchecked bag is a huge plus in the midst of airport shenanigans: just show up and fly.

But. I also want to be able to skip going home and spend a weekend exploring - ideally by choice & with friends, not stuck in weather - without too much angst. I think I finally have this figured out: it's not how much, but what you pack. Simple color palette. Interchangeable pieces. Minimal shoe choices (shoes take up a lot of space). This week's single bag could easily get me through two weeks, provided some things get washed.

I like my work situation a lot more if I get to walk to and from work. Our first week, we stayed at a hotel in walking distance. Last week for a variety of complicated reasons we ended up over a mile from the office & had to cab it. I didn't like this. This coming week I'm walking. Or else!

Food is complicated. Meaning, we keep eating complicated food & drinking red wine. I came home this weekend wanting tofu, fresh fruit, veggies I cook myself. Nothing in a cream sauce! No gnocchi! No seafood! The food while we travel is good, don't get me wrong - and wow, Boston loves a meringue even more than I do. We were talking the other evening about this, how much eating out constantly can make you just want a simple sandwich or ramen noodles in your own kitchen. Then you get home, and people want to go out to eat with you.

Unless, of course, it effing snows every time you come home, and you never see anyone ever. Richmond peeps, I miss you terribly! I'm home, but I never see you! That part just sucks. Knowing it's an effect of freak weather doesn't make it any less sucky.

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