Jun. 29th, 2004

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Join Equality Virginia, and the growing grassroots coalition Virginians Stand Up for Equality, this Wednesday, June 30 to speak out against the so-called "Affirmation of Marriage Act" going into effect on July 1.

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It's a good thing my friends don't get married very often, cause everytime someone does, it's like marriage discussion starts cropping up everywhere. Cinnamon is wondering whether there's a gendered component to wanting to get married. I'm curious what people will say.

So, the traditional assumption is that women have a stronger urge to get married. Is that just straight women? What about transfolk who identify more female?

But Cinnamon thinks the men around her are more keen on the whole marriage thing (I don't know if they're gay or straight or what). And the people around me - eh, it's 50-50 where marriage is concerned. I know a couple who fits the traditional model where the woman wanted to get married for-freaking-ever and the guy finally did, but even then it was like he was waiting for it to be perfect, not that marriage wasn't his thing. I think I know more straight(ish) women than straight(ish) men who are adamantly opposed to marriage, or at least adamant that they'll never have traditional weddings. My partner and I talk with equally hypothetical enthusiasm about how and why we'd get married if we ever did.

Yeah. Basically, I don't know.

What do you think?

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